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Roid X Juice - 3 Month Supply, (1 FREE)

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Anabolic muscle builderAnabolic muscle builder
Rapid bulking agent with muscle gainsRapid bulking agent with muscle gains
Pure muscle bulking pillPure muscle bulking pill
May increase size and strength gainsMay increase size and strength gains
Proprietary blend by PuritySelect.comProprietary blend by

Used for

Muscle gainingMuscle gaining
Rapid strength gainsRapid strength gains
Boldy bulking alone or in any cycleBoldy bulking alone or in any cycle
Adult males onlyAdult males only
Pure weight and muscle gainPure weight and muscle gain

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Roid X Juice to Build Muscle Fast With Quick Muscle Recovery

Main Goal: Muscle Gain - 1 Tab daily with food, anytime. If Pure bulking is your goal, this weight gaining product is for you! Used alone or in any cycle for size and strength gains. Caution, RoidX Juice is a weight gaining product for adult males only. Main Ingredient: Dehydroepiandrosterone 50mg, Puncture Vinde 10.1 Extract 10mg, Moomiyo (shilajit) 50mg, Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol acid succinate) 25IU, plus proprietary blend.
Main Benefit
One of the benefits many lifters use roids for is reduced recovery time after heavy workouts. You need at least seventy-two hours normally to fully recover from muscle exhaustion. Cuts the recovery time, which allows you to work harder and heavier more often. Increases your testosterone levels, which also increase strength.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products are intended for adults over the age of 18 and are not to be used by children under the age of 18

IngredientAmount Per ServingMeasure% of DV
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol acid succinate) 25 IU 83
Moomiyo (shilajit) 50 mg
Dehydroepiandrosterone 50 mg
Puncture Vine 10.1 Extract (tribulus terrestris)(leaf) 10 mg
Other Ingredient:
Dicalcium Phosphate
Hydroxypropyl cellulose
Stearic Acid
Crosscarmellose Sodium
Magnesium Stearate

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I am a powerlifter and im looking to bulk up without gaining water weight. With this product do you have to take PCT and estrogen blocker? also is it toxic to your liver.



Started this about a week and half ago and have already gained 5lbs. Strength has also increased, I used to do 5 sets of 35lbs kettle swings and now doing 55lbs. Def is working so far.



I have been taking Roid X for about 2 - 3 weeks now. I know its early still, but i just thought id leave my feedback, and will keep doing so after 1 month/ 3 month etc. Firstly, let me say that im a pretty slim guy, very athletic, not exactly the 'steriod' looking guy. Just mainly ripped. So, ill start by saying that i haven't noticed the "Rapid Bulking" or "incredible size and strength" as the description says.. BUT, what i have noticed is that even though its only been a matter of weeks, i have noticed that ive put on some size. I don't mean pure muscle, i mean abit of natural size and bulk. i seem to have put on about half a stone (roughly) and feel better for it. It has made my muscles feel slightly bigger, but not ANABOLIC MUSCLE GAINS bigger, just slight improvement. More the fact that ive gained bulk over muscle. Which is a good thing, seeing as its only been 2-3 weeks. I am pretty happy with this so far, and i know all the comments seem to be about the side effects.. I have not had ANY side effects what so ever, apart from having an increased appetite. which to me isnt a bad thing. I feel good to be honest. In my opinion, this is a good product that i will be sticking to for at least 3 months, to see how this works on a longer scale.



hey everyone, i have been using this product about a month. i can see litt difernce but the major problem with this is . i am not able to sleep at all . my sleeping schedule is totally screwed up



Is there any need to take an estrogen blocker with this product?



Hi JT, The Roid X really works. It's one of the first products we sold on our website and it continues to be a proven customer favorite. You also only need to take 1 capsule a day for both muscle and strength gains and it does not require an estrogen blocker or PCT.



Interested in this.... how well does it work?



Do you need to take an estrogen blocker with this?



Our new community is available at to discuss product information, suggest new products, workouts, ask the pro's, etc. Take advantage of this great area today and be entered to win a free 1 month supply of any supplement that we sell on! Drawings happen once per month.



Our new community is available at to discuss product information, suggest new products, workouts, ask the pro's, etc. Take advantage of this great area today and be entered to win a free 1 month supply of any supplement that we sell on! Drawings happen once per month.



Is there any affects to your body after you have finished the bottle? And also, do you recommend to stop taking pre, during (creatine), and post workout supplements?



Is there any bad side affects with this product



I have been thinking of taking this product.. is there anything else I should stack it with to build a lot of muscle gain im 6'5 and weigh about 295 pounds



Why is this recommended for adults only, id there negative side effects for trend?



If I use this supplement will it show up on a urine test, I'm a 5'7 lineman and I weigh 230, Im a competetive weight lifter and I'm looking for a supplement to make me huge for football and weightlifting.



Quick question will i break out in acne if i take this supplement?



i'm new to the whole steroid thing never takien any kind of supplement or anything i'm 5'10" and i usually float between 165 to 185 lbs i'm very curious about steroids and considered taking them for awhile as i mostly gain lean muscle as opposed to bulk which is what i want would this product be safe and suitable to start with?



If I take roidX for building muscle how fast do I c results? I want 2get in ProWrestling



I NEVER write reviews on any supplement site! But... I got a 3 month supply of this and D-bol. Im on my 3rd day of taking 1 roid x a day and 3 dbol a day. I workout 5 days on and 2 days off. just got home from the gym and i am blown away. went up 20lbs on my bench today where i couldnt even budge it last week. was stuck on 205 for ever. did 3 reps of 225 today! so yes IT WORKS!!!!



Hey guys, I need to gain weight within the next month for a competition. Would I be safe to take this product while taking a Mass Gainer Protein?



Are there any side effects to this product?



Would roidx juice show up on a urinalysis test? And is this illegal if I play college football. I'm currently a freshman in college. I'm 6'3 and weigh 190 lbs. I play linebacker and need to get big.



Hi Connor, All of our products are legal supplements. It won't show up in a urinalysis test. Customer support



I am about to by this product but i do have a question can we stack this with Maximizer Male Enhancement another product offered by this site? and if we are talking Finaflex 1-Andro (Hormones) do i have to stop or can they be stacked?



would roidx juice show up on a urinalysis test



Hi Corey, No pre or post-cycle product is necessary.



i was wondering if you take this supliment do you need a pre or after cycle?



i weigh 155 and i want to gain bout 15 lbs in my upper body mostly in arms would only a month taking of this work? and wat else does it do to your body like any side effects on my penis?



Hello Arms, Thank you for your interest in our product. You should be 18 or older to take RoidX. Customer Support



how old do u have too be to take this supp....



This is my 1st time working out 'n starting as beginner, and would like know what is the right products to use too gain weight and build muscle mass.



i'm not dumb about drinking and i know it's not great to drink while taking supplements like this...but if i did everyonce in awhile not all the time but a beer or 2 is there any dangerous side effects?



Does an anti-estrogen pill need to be taken to avoid male breasts? Also, im on three trials of testosterone, is this safe to use? What are the side effects to this product?






hi, my son is 18yrs old and plays football.he needs to put on weight and nothing works i was also wondering about growth factor. what is a safe age to take these?



hi can anyone give me advice on this supplement i took 1 tablet before i worked out i felt fine for the whole day only to wake up next morning and started to feel out of breath is it possible the supplement is causing this.



Hi my name is Mike,and I was wondering if I start taking one roid x pill a day like I'm Suppost to will it come up positive for steroids or anything along that line because I'm about to take a urian test for a job that I have been working hard to get?



im interested in this product. for a 1 month cycle how much muscle "could" i put on. thanks! p.s if this information helps answer your question, i am in the gym atleast 5 days a week, doing all workouts correct with good form. im not some rookie.



What products do you recommend you stack with this??



I like this product. It's worked great for me and my weight training.



Hi AJ, If you have any medical conditions, we would advise you to consult your physician before taking any kind of supplement. @MT - no, this product does not contain a lot of water. if you have any other questions, please let us know!



does this product contain a lot of water?



hi i was wondering if someone who has panic attacks or heart palpitations is it safe to use this product.



Hi Mike, We can only recommend the "recommended" dosage...



I was wondering if it would work harder if two tablets were taken daily. if so would male fertility products need to be taken (pregnol). im asking because i have used d-bol in the past and i used four a day and had a much more epic result.. i then used a product once i finished my cycle and i felt fine and kept my gains.. i understand these products are not meant to be abused, im actually thinking along the lines of time restrictions and work out/gym availabilities due to the nature of my work..



This is a powerful pill. I've used this supplement for over a year and feel great - i workoout daily and am in the best shape of my life.



this is the closet thing to steroids that I've seen.



Been taking one of these per day for 3 months and I've gained 20 pounds of solid mass!



This is a really great supplement and I've been using it for a couple weeks no. I would buy this product again for sure.



this is really a great product. I used to take other supplements that never did much for me, and on this i've toned and gotten really ripped. i would recommend to anyone!



I like this product. i work out every day and stack it with Dian-bol and Dekkabol. I'm 5'11", 210lbs...

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